Even if this year spring is hardly to come, people already think about how to reach the perfect tan for this summer 2021. Preparing our skin to sun exposition is important to prevent damages or skin spots but few people adopt good habits.

Which mistakes we have to avoid for this summer? We need to prevent a patchy tan! There are some lotions that accelerate tanning, however many dermatologists rightly believe that skin health is affected by them. Scrub and peeling are highly reccomended one week before our holidays, to remove death cells and create a compact tan.

What to do? Drink a lot of water and integrate minerals and vitamines on our diet. Becarotene has antioxidant properties, counteracts free radical and is the main source of Vitamin A, we can apport it with centrifugates of carrots, oranges and turmeric. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and helps UV-damaged skin, prevents wrinkles, maintains elastic skin and reduce skinspots.

Avocado and eggs for breakfast to apport Vitamine B6 skin bestfriend, fish (above all salmon) together with almonds and nuts, on our diet, ensures a correct integration of Omega3, the other skin bestfriend!

What NOT to do? Put on perfumes. Alcohol with other substances of perfumes can be photosensitive. Same consideration for deodorant and some medicines. Throw away screensun of last year; emptied the bottle and dispose it for reycling.

And if the sun is covered, the sunscreen should be used anyway! About 80% of solar radiation is present even with an overcast sky.

So…screen your skin and put your sunglasses on, for this new hot season!

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