Adaptive Beauty and disabilities in 2021

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Brands take care about problems of adaptive beauty. The idea is to create campaigns product accessible even to people with disabilities.

People with disabilities live in a difficult world; with lots of obstacles on daily routine fashion and beauty could be hard to be appreciated.

One of the first progress was made by Gucci. The brand launched its new L’Obscur Mascara with the 18 years old model Ellie Goldstein with down syndrome, as one of the faces of its campaign. But if disabled models start taking part in beauty campaigns, there are few products adapted to meet their needs.

In the world of fashion, inclusive design has been popular in last years, with big names like Tommy Hilfiger, who maked the Tommy Adaptive line in spring 2020 which includes a variety of garments with particular modifications, such as elastic drawstring closures, magnetic buttons and zippers to close with one hand.

Adaptive fashion has turned the spotlight on the needs of those who goes around with a wheelchair or other types of helps, with prostheses and those who lives with chronic diseases.


But unlike fashion, the cosmetics industry has mostly neglected this market. Only a few part of beauty brands deal with disability, not just through representation into campaigns, but in an all-encompassing way.

Beauty is an important way to satisfied our soul, the same is for women with disabilities or sickness. Sick women don’t believe in their beauty, because of the effect of therapies, especially for women in oncological therapies.

There are beauty brands that have made progress in terms of inclusiveness and diversity in this way, but there is still a lot to do to make the beauty industry adaptive in all its fields.

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