Another big Success for Ludmilla Rdachenko

Curated by Angelo Crespi and in collaboration with the MAIMERI Foundation, the exhibition includes the exhibition of 60 works by the Siberian artist, the result of his last creative period, a large part of which comes from private collections.

An Exhibition-Show that wants to be a moment of shared emotions, of interaction between the many worlds that Ludmilla Radchencko has interpreted with her Pop Art. An experience punctuated by futuristic performances and immersive installations, to emotionally accompany guests on the journey through art. , light design and DJ sets, to animate an industrial space in the Corvetto area, AN EX SAPONIFICIO which is a place of great architectural impact.

Ludmilla is the first artist in the world who experimented with the sale of her works in BITCOIN, confirming that innovation is one of the fundamental characteristics of her research. A career studded with successes that of the most engaging artist in Pop Art, who has seen, since 2007, quadruple the prices of the 625 works sold and certified in blockchain.

And it is in VaporArt that she has found the perfect partner to continue her exploration towards the future, in a union that combines the desire to challenge the reflective laziness of society, with the desire to demonstrate that the future influences the present as much as the past; just as liquids for electronic cigarettes are destined to fight tobacco, which is enormously more harmful and unhealthy from every point of view, the chromatic and subtly controversial slaps of Siberian Pop Art want to break the sort of static that often crystallizes artists.

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