Beauty Pandemic

Covid, pandemic and business concept.

The global beauty industry (skin care, hair care, cosmetics, make up, fragrances, and personal care) has been shocked by the COVID-19 crisis. Yes…drugstores, markets and grocery stores were opened but they lost their customer traffic and revenues. Immediately the industry had to respond to the crisis, how? Switching the manufacturing to produce hand sanitizers and cleaning agents. At the beginning of the pandemic, the industry’s leaders have a responsibility to do their best, in the shortest time, to ensure that their companies survive.

This includes promotions and uncharacteristic (amazing for us) extra discount (up to 40/50 percent). To capture promotionoriented consumers retailers, brands and several prestige brands too, turned their services and products in promotions. Promotions also help move unsold seasonal inventory. As beauty product brick and mortar stores reopen, more promotions aimed at reclaiming customer foot traffic finally are emerging.

Which beauty products are being purchased? Given the realities of working from home, physical distancing, and mask wearing, it has become much less important to wear makeup and fragrance. But skin care, hair care, and bath and body products appear to be benefiting from selfcare and pampering trends.

For this reason Europe’s largest fashion and lifestyle e-commerce marketplace, reported a boom in pampering and selfcare beauty categories, including candles, aromatherapy, and detox products too.

The importance of DIY: another revolution of this pandemic year is the increasing of do-it-yourself (DIY) beauty care. The reason arises from the economic difficulties about the COVID-19 crisis, given the loss of jobs and savings, or the closing of many beauty salons and shops. Even if they re-opened again, consumers are forgoing services because of scared by physical contact.

Over all some changes resulting from the COVID-19 crisis are likely to be permanent:

Digital continues to rise. We are now in the real digital Era. Pre-COVID-19 trends will likely accelerate; the e-commerce is now avaiable for everyone and with the smartworking is easier to buy online by our laptop or smarphones during the day. The socialmedia platform such as brands’ website and marketplaces are increasing day by day. Fortunately consumers indicate they are likely to increase their online engagement and spending worldwide. Beauty-industry players will need to prioritize digital channels and e-commerce to capture and convert the attention of new and senior customers. An important role will be also played by artificial intelligence for testing, discovery and customization of brands and products. Avoiding experimentations and waste of time there will be an accelleration also from this point of view.

Even before the pandemic, the definition of “beauty” was becoming more global, expansive, and intertwined with individuals’ sense of well-being.
The COVID-19 crisis is not likely to change these trends and in that, there is reason for hope.

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