Detox our body and soul against silent inflammation

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This pandemic brought problems to every gate of our life. People’s behaviors changed; nutrition and healthy habits take a backseat because of the quarantine periods that contributed to stress and join in unhealthy patterns. Some of the most important is like eating junk and poor food, smoking, drinking alcohol, and sugary drinks. Others bad behaviors that increased in this period are trouble concentration on work or on school for kids, linked to a sense of confusion, fear, uncertainty, isolation, getting easily worried and nervous.

These unhealthy habits and behaviors will lead to silent inflammation and disease which is a general state of inflammation of the body that is exposed to stressors and could be much more dangerous than acute inflammation because we can’t see or feel it.  


We can help the body to be healthy with the assumption of certain substances and people who are in inflammatory state, or think to be in, need to follow this kind of healthy Mediterranean diet that includes Omega-3 (contained in fatty fish like salmon), minerals and healthy fats that could be reached by nuts, vitamins and antioxidants are too much important and we can find from any kind of fruits and vegetables, protein and fiber from grains legumes and beans. We need also to lower bad cholesterol which we can apport from olives and olive oil.

This kind of diet is important also for our state of mind, instead of we detoxify our body, our soul and our mind. We are extremely exposed to toxins from the pollution and from the environment so another important focus is to exercise regularly. Walk every day for 5/6 kilometers and do some training; it will improve our hormones to respond to stress and increase metabolism.

Apply antioxidant serums like vitamin C and sunblock to our face, apply skin product with alpha-hydroxy acids twice a week for the renewal of the skin.

Another important thing is to focus on a purpose and reach it. How? Being calm, laughing, breathing, taking a break from social media, practicing meditation, living in the moment to detoxify our mind.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned in this pandemic; having a balance is important in everything we do, we need time for rest, for work, for play or do exercise, and for sleep. It’s important to understand what people around us need because not everyone can adopt or cope easily, communication and understanding are more important now than ever. At last, we should love ourselves, taking care and taking control of our body, our mind, our health, and our life.  

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