Did you eat too many easter eggs?!

Easter is gone but not our selfcare! This year in Italy, like last year, we celebrated a “moderate” Easter in red zone. But restrictions allow motor activity, in the way we learned to become familiar during this months; individuality, outdoors, respecting interpersonal distance and avoiding crowds.

What kind of training can we do now after this lazy celebrating time?

For runners, who have stoically continued to train even with a race calendar reduce to minimum, the advice is not to increase the level of stress but try to give to body time of “breathing”; an outing of 15-18 km might be more than enough for the most trained. An excellent alternative, even if not always taken into consideration by runners, is to change discipline; pools are closed and it would tend to exclude swimming, which however remains possible for those who have access to open water. The bike, racing or mountain bike, therefore, rapresents the privileged choice. The important thing is to take it and let yourself go, discovering new itineraries with same principles apply: low intensity and not expasperated duration. Another underestimated alternative is walking. The lucky one who lives in mountainous areas will certainly be able to take advantage from this but. everywhere, walking can be a good way to recovery activities.

Even for those who never trained, this week can be the right occasion to start! In this case, the involvement of another person is essential, especially during the first moments, to feel gratification and fun. With the daily routine, sport activity well become a part of the day that cannot be renounced! To achieve results it will be important to choose a “travel companion” who make feel good…no challenge or competition but only patience and desire to have fun.

For principiants a likely goal is 30 minutes of activity, always remembering that is not a single training that makes the difference. And if the weather plays tricks on us, another solution is a strenght workout within the walls of our house. Warm up with cardio activities like jumps, steps, crunches, squats, planck, running or walking, and some stretching excercises, short circuits in a series of excercises that involves different muscles districts.

Ideas are many and various… so the way is only to put them into practice!

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