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Federico Cina - IFN Network
Federico Cina - IFN Network

FEDERICO CINA is a brand founded in 2019 with one great ambition: becoming a leading brand in the tailoring world by bringing sophisticated and elegant looks on the catwalk, that describe the romantic essence of the history and culture of Romagna.

They says that From the collections emerge deep connections to the designer’s native land: thanks to a continuous dialogue between generations of the past and present, Romagna history and culture make unique the brand aesthetic.

FEDERICO CINA explores the classic tailoring world with a romantic and refined touch based on an experimental approach to materials and colors, with a unique and state-of-the-art style.

The brand spirit is constantly surrounded by a nostalgic and sentimental atmosphere: a deep sensitivity aimed at enhancing the artisanal aspect, reinterpreting the traditional male silhouette through a new concept of elegance.

The concept of Humanity finds its origin in the need for a return to a simple and genuine beauty, which starts from an anthropological view that puts at center the person, its emotions and its memories. The Craftmanship of the Brand is represented by the correlation between passion and tradition: a continuous dialogue among the past and present generations, a connection which is fundamental in the creation of a high-quality product.

Federico Cina - IFN Network
Federico Cina

Being sustainable, for us, means supporting the Romagna ecosystem, creating wealth and opportunities for the businesses, the artisans and people of our land. We are convinced that Romagna, which has given us so much inspiration and style, must benefit from our results and be fully involved in the process of value creation. To do this, we have chosen to keep our headquarters in Romagna, where we produce our garments with local materials. This guarantees us a high level of quality while supporting also the local artisans, guaranteeing them a better standard of well-being.

Canvases are first stretched and pressed to make them compact and ready to be printed. Then, they are printed using an handcrafted mold which, drenched of natural colors, is carefully applied on the canvas. The mold is kept still while the artisan hits it with a small sledge-hammer to perfectly fix the color. 

The Mangano, a machine built in 1633 and still operating, is used to stretch and press the canvases before the printing. Its functioning is given to a special interaction between a big wheel and a heavy boulder that compose the machine, both weighing 55 quintals. 
The two are perfectly in balance, but the magic happens when this balance is broken: when a man starts walking inside the wheel, the bolder consequently slides left and right on some wood rollers, ironing the canvases.

The colors used to print our clothes are completely natural and made in the laboratories of our artisans.

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