GALL – NYDIA – F/W 21-22

Justin Gall - IFN Network
Justin Gall - IFN Network


New pieces and technical developments are part of the collection, including greater modularity and the possibility of adjusting volumes. An arsenal of tailored blazers and long trench coats with padded shoulders, asymmetrical necklines and invisible closures. Gall’s latest abstract artwork, which goes through its typical digital printing process on fabric and is then hand sprayed with matte black paint adds depth and rigidity. A color palette that ventures from the deepest black to the whitest white and earth tones in between, oversized vests and modular face covers. Trousers that separate on the thigh and lower leg offer the wearer choices of fit. Tight-fitting undersuits with exaggerated sleeve lengths, overlapping collars and integrated balaclavas offer wrap-around layering options designed for the future.

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