I dress art, I dress love

Helena de Jesus is a dreamer who believes in a sustainable future full of possibilities.
In the 2019 she founded “Other Couture”, the brand wants to promote emerging designers who embrace the Helena’s philosophy about Afro style. The “game” on words “other fashion” makes us understand the message that she wants to pass on the brand: a fashion brand that transmits love, love for art, culture and creativity.


The turbans are made of capulana garment, 100% pure cotton typical of Africa, thus making the production sustainable and entirely made in Mozambique.
Over the years, the brand has joined several collaborations: from the particular handbag, depicting a painting by Bertina Lopes made by “Kilesa luxury bags” to the “Why Not Model” agency. Thanks to the collaboration with emerging designers, the Brand was involved in Arab fashion week and Afro fashion week in Milan.However, Helena’s gaze does not stop only on fashion, but makes art an integral part of her project, in particular the sculptures of her friend Angelo Savarese, co-founder of the brand and artistic director
In particular, the “sincere you like nobody” sculpture celebrating the female figure.
Helena is a woman who throughout her life has always been linked to social issues and her homeland.
The ultimate goal of the brand’s proceeds is to finance Helena’s great dream: to create a school in Mozambique, an art and fashion academy in close contact with Italian academies.
The structure actually already exists and the college where Helena used to go as a child, a place rooted in her memory to which she can give new life.

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