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Yesterday morning I woke up early, my feelings were very excited but I didn’t know the reason… It was a beautiful day, the perfect one to take a walk in to the city centre of Rome… sunny, warm, very enjoyable. I didn’t want to miss it!

A lot of colours in downtown! I reached Campo de’ fiori, an amazing square with a multicoloured market: around me any kind of fruits, vegetables, pommenade juice or exotic juices freshly squeezed. The sunlight was reflected on the big pumpkin making it so beautiful to my eyes that I would like to buy it! From one of the corners of the square a delicious smell of freshly baked bread reached my nose and from the opposite corner the delighting smell of cheese and salumi was leading me to that direction… The butcher let me in and I tasted a slice of mortadella with truffle…it was amazing!

Then I continued to walk reaching Piazza Navona… totally empty in this pandemic time and for this reason too quiet for an important place of Rome…I could only hear the sound of my steps on the ground and the flowing water in to the big fountain… I touched the water bbbbrrr too cold for this spring!

I watched through the water “how many coins, how many wishes!” I whispered to myself, looking for find out where my coin was…

Now my secret is there, with many others from any part of the world, jelaously guarded by the eternal city!

Maybe it’s for this reason that I was excited this morning? Maybe I had an intimate date and deal with my city? I’m still trying to know this…

May Rome will realize my lovely dream? I cannot reveal this to you, but you can try to discover it with the sixth sense, the last one not yet mentioned in this article…

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