Natasha Pavluchenko at International Couture during ALTAROMA 2022

Moon Urbban Fusion collection

Moon Urbban Fusion collection presented by Polish designer Natasha Pavluchenko at International Couture. A fairy-tale and sophisticated collection with the patronage of the city of Bielsko-Biala. The designer, in love with the black that has become her trademark and at the same time the inspiration from which new projects are born. This time the darkness leads straight to the sky, full of darkness, but illuminated by the infinite glow of the stars. A reference to the cosmos from which it draws its inspiration for the collection and its title. Long dresses in matte black dominate, reminiscent of the nineteenth century, combining elegance with neo-Gothic rock style. On the other hand, elaborate jackets with 80s highlighted shoulders. “Every artist is a bit lunar and perhaps comes from the moon”, says Natasha Pavluchenko, I want to give the audience an extraordinary experience, it will be a real show with fairytale characters, in which the models will play the role of angels, bringing the audience in an extraordinary world, full of sensuality and extravagance. I am happy to show once again my collection in Rome, with which I am emotionally linked and where many of my artistic inspirations come from. “Partner of the collection is the Concept 77 architecture studio, that collaborates with Natasha Pavluchenko, creating original interior and building projects.

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