Paola Ferrari “I was threatened with death” / “Diletta Leotta does not represent journalists”


Paola Ferrari, a well-known face of sports journalism, recounted the difficulties experienced in the years of lead and remembered the figure of Enzo Tortora, with a final thrust to Diletta Leotta.


Paola Ferrari, a well-known face of Italian sports journalism, talked about herself today, Monday 10 May 2021, in the columns of “Controcorrente”, as part of an interview that had the merit of bringing her back in time with memories, when she was still a student: “I lived the years of lead intensely and I still carry within me the wounds of that period. I saved the life of a school friend of mine ideologically far from me, but in those years I received heavy death threats. I saw many boys fall, there was great violence, ideological clash, a lot of drugs running around. Those years forged whoever came out of it “

Years in which, however, the journalist immediately sought her independence: “I left home as a young girl and I had to work to support myself. Living alone was not easy: I don’t remember how many times the wires from the light and the telephone were cut. So, I lent my face to a very famous cosmetics house and for years I was the face of the Rinascente ”.

Diletta Leotta TV presenter , Italy. (Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty
Diletta Leotta TV presenter , Italy. (Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images)

Paola Ferrari at “Controcorrente” also confessed that as a girl she dreamed of becoming an ice skating champion like Rita Trapanese, but then events led her to follow another professional path. Furthermore, as a child, her father took her to the stadium hoping that she would fall in love with Boninsegna and Inter, but she only had eyes for the Golden Boy, Gianni Rivera, and for his Milan. Then, one day I meet Enzo Tortora: “After being exiled from Rai, Enzo worked in Telealtomilanese. I was in the audience with my aunt, the director made me continuous close-ups, Tortora saw me and began looking for me all over Busto Arsizio ”. Then the doors of “Portobello” opened and his career turned. On a football level, he established deep friendships with Antonio Cabrini and Paolo Rossi, but “for me it was inconceivable to have a love story with players, I would have lost all the credibility of a journalist that I was building with a frightening effort”. Then, a jab to Diletta Leotta: “She is very rich, very famous, not like me. Keep it up, make a lot of money and enjoy it. However, she cannot represent Italian journalists, such as Anna Billò, Giorgia Rossi, Simona Rolandi. She can only represent herself or, perhaps, Belen… “.

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