Phygital Sustainability Expo – Sustainable Goddes by Paolo di Pofi

An international stage from which companies announce their sustainable innovative disruption.


The Phygital Sustainability Expo® is a totally new registered format in the fashion world that has become consumerist and repetitive.
New eyes with which to look at fashion, is what she wanted to create Valeria Mangani, President of the Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society, a non-profit association responsible for the eco-sustainable transition of the fashion system.
It begins by crossing the gates of millenary vestiges and crossing the museum path where the brands are exhibited according to their type of innovation and transition in reference to the SDG – Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030. An exhibition to educate the public, who is none other than a conscious consumer. And so here are the paths in recycling and luxury up-cycle, immersed in sartorial mannequins that wear only the technological innovations that represent the state of the art of sustainability: hemp butter sweaters, dresses in pink, bamboo, nettle, orange, very soft vegan skin of cactus, corn, or grapes; silver fibers that have antiseptic functions and thanks to nanotechnologies also slimming based on algae, fungi and more, fermented proteins that replace furs.
A fashion show narrated by a voiceover describes the innovations of sustainable fabrics and the technologies used in the outfit that is parading and the carbon footprint of the same or the impact on the environment for the production of that dress in terms of Kg of Co2 . A narration with a sublime musical background, which will make the audience perceive awareness.
Art inspires and suggests virtuosity of great ethics for the world’s second most polluting sector: fashion. Thanks to technology and research, innovative materials avoid using plastic raw materials, artificial dyes, and heavy metals – substances that are harmful to both the environment and humans. In this way, it also becomes possible to reduce the consumption of energy and resources, but also the emissions of polluting gases and, in general, the environmental impact.

Check here below the creation of Master Paolo di Pofi who created together with Andrea Sbarrini the Sustainability Goddes

Click on the video to see the whole playlist of interview done at the Phygital Sustainability Expo.

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