Radio Trastevere “Art Gallery”

Radio Trastevere Foyer
Radio Trastevere Foyer

Pandemic is not only a lockdown but also a moment to stop and think about the future to discover new business formats which will help this new era of business to flourish and renovate within the new standards of life.

Radio Trastevere “Art Gallery” is a great new concept by Mr. Shasha Caterina one of the brilliant mind which successfully find the opportunity to let the community of Trastevere come closer and get even more united through a strong and well established concept of the community awareness.

Corner Detail
Radio Trastevere – Corner Detail

Radio Trastevere will be not only an atelier/art gallery but will host the Web Radio Trastevere itself with a new concept of news and talk shows that characterise the strong roman identity reinforcing the concept of roman culture. Radio Trastevere will be the hot spot hub where to meet between artists where to brainstorm and produce art, songs and alien life forms. The atelier/gallery has a fantastic garden … a precious “gem” that is very rare in this locations in very center of the city. This garden as an open space that will host photo shoots and vernissages.

Today May 7th. Radio Trastevere in Via Natale del Grande 26 in Rome in the “Trastevere” quartier, Radio Trastervere opened with great success its doors for the first time with the art exposition of “Giovanni lo Castro and Giorgia Grassi” curated by Gianlorenzo Bernini a young and fierce art enthusiast which will curate several exibition in this Atelier/Gallery in the very center of this amazing ancient city … Rome.

  • Radio Trastevere foyaer

Within the genius mind of Sasha Caterina there is also brand new format to produce that will give a great boost to Radio Trastevere… but for the moment the project is still top secret, we look forward to know more about it.

Gallery Details
Special Guests observing Gallery Details

Sasha Caterina made also a deal with the dutch IFN Foundation, leader in sustainability projects, which will partner up for some events and will host some tv production within Radio Trastevere’s spaces.

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