Anti-aging serum, powered by LifebloodTM

Double defense for stronger youthful-looking skin

Introducing a scientific breakthrough to revolutionize skincare.  By enhancing the flow of essential beauty ingredients, activate inner defenses that pulse throughout your skin. Experience visibly improved hydration and smoothness for healthy vibrant skin. Ever alive. Now and into the future.

SHISEIDO’s Ideal Skin.

SHISEIDO believes skin is strong, beautiful and resistant to the  external stressors that cause aging signs when 3 key factors are  apparent—radiance, smoothness and resilience. This is  SHISEIDO’s definition of Healthy Vibrant Skin which also  resonates with a youthful-looking skin.


powered by new advanced science

Double Inner Defense for stronger, youthful-looking skin

With its innovative concept of strengthening skin’s defenses to bring  out beauty from within, ULTIMUNE already received 200 beauty  awards.

Today, ULTIMUNE reveals an even stronger formula, powered by

The LifebloodTM.

Based on over 25 years of research, its ImuGenerationRED  TechnologyTM featuring the LifebloodTM now connects skin’s inner  defensive power with the pulse of vital flow to elevate the skin to its  ideal condition.


Its pleasant texture makes ULTIMUNE an acclaimed product.  Rich and dewy at the same time, it absorbs rapidly, leaving skin  feeling silky smooth after application.

The secret to its absorption and smoothness after application:  a unique combination of two different sized oil capsules.


stemmed from aromachology

As a pioneer expert in aromachology, SHISEIDO considers fragrance to be a key element of a skincare product that  can optimise the benefits. ULTIMUNE’s natural green floral fragrance blends with floral notes reminiscent of relaxing  atmosphere, while spicy notes add an energizing vibes. This fragrance also incorporates SHISEIDO’s  ImuCalmCompoundTM that contains a combination of soothing fragrance ingredients, including Rose Element (TMB*)  and Lotus Element (DMB**). Both are known for relieving stress and offering a calming effect. Lotus Element is also  known to be effective in repairing the skin’s barrier function.


in line with Shiseido Group commitment

To help make the world a better place, SHISEIDO has set up a series of initiatives called Sustainable Beauty Actions  (SBAS). Among these, the development of sustainable packaging is one of the top priorities, with the aim of reaching  100% by 2025.

The new ULTIMUNE packaging is part of this sustainability approach:

  • Refill packaging is now offered globally, with a  cap and re-usable dispenser that are designed  to further reduce plastic waste.
  • The white inner cap of the refill container uses  a high amount of botanically derived plastic

The outer carton is FSC-certified paper.

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