NATURAL 136 – Super skincare newness for you.

Here is some super skincare newness for you. 

NATURAL 136 is the brainchild of two sisters, Diana and myself from Australia. Our focus on everyday wellbeing brought about Natural 136. In love with the unique beautiful blend of the world’s hub of business, travel, fashion, luxurious lifestyle, the latest and best in everything and UAE’s rich history, tradition and culture, UAE is the perfect setting for Natural 136 to blossom. Despite Covid-19’s fierceness, this was no deterrent to our determination, passion and dream, even if it meant being way behind schedule in production (a year). We live for the challenge. 

Our dedication is to be transparent. Our passion is to empower and make a tangible difference in the lives of men and women wanting to elevate their skin appearance with luxurious, healthy, high-performance, result-driven skincare essentials that work naturally, to reveal the best skin ever, make one feel and look amazing! We work with our body’s and nature’s chemistry rather than lab-produced synthetic chemicals (parfum/artificial fragrance,PEG compounds, DEA-related ingredients, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, siloxanes, sodium laureth sulfate, triclosan, BHA & BHT, petrolatum, phenoxyethanol) some of which (for men and women) are known carcinogens; others hormone disruptors (that can lead to issues like infertility, birth defects) or skin irritants or allergens, that are not safe for the environment either. 

We use premium, ultra-potent, strategically selected ingredients from nature’s abundance to nurture, soothe, calm, protect, strengthen and rejuvenate skin. Unlike the mainstream of major and smaller skincare players who have jumped on the “clean” and “natural” bandwagon, touting that they are “natural and clean” making wild claims, yet they still include harmful synthetic chemicals like phenoxyethanol, the latter has risen in controversy over its potential nasty side effects. It is known to be structurally similar to parabens on a chemical level. Nothing derails skincare routine than inclusion of cheap, harmful synthetic ingredients that are there to improve texture and feel to the product or to preserve a longer shelf life.

NATURAL 136 is Abu Dhabi born. All natural skincare. Vegan. Clean. Dermatologist tested. Dubai Municipality approved. Our products are 100% free from toxins, fillers, synthetic chemicals, artificial colors and artificial fragrances. Our products are never tested on animals. We are proud to give our customers a piece of mind in the product’s safety and efficacy, making the best products for the customers and for the planet.
Say marhaba to our first female product, gorgeously hydrating and ultra lightweight, Glowmorous Facial Oil infused with 17 ultra-potent botanical and nut oils for our queens, a one-way ticket to a healthy, youthful glow and for our debonair gents, Beard Oil Oudh and Beard Oil Bergamot and Patchouli to revitalise, energise and keep their skin and facial hair in tip-top shape. Our Glowmorous Facial Oil sold out within 24 hours of launching. Our beard oils are endorsed by World Champion in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brad Stanton. We are super thrilled to have received such positive feedback from both men and women in particular, relief from rosacea and eczema with the use daily of our Glowmorous Facial Oil. 
You may wish to have a look at our socials to get a fuller picture of our ethos, ethics and style.


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