Thursday 16 December 2021, h. 15:30 2021 Climate Change and Immigration Conference at Monumental Complex Pio Sodalizio dei Piceni in Piazza San Salvatore in Lauro – Rome

At the end of a year full of events and exhibitions that have met with widespread success with the public and the press, the famous fashion house, with its spokesperson Caterina Celestino, will be awarded the prestigious “Climate Change and Immigration 2021” award, conferred on production companies. and high personalities who have distinguished themselves in the world of politics, institutions and businesses in the various spheres of social and sustainable economy.
The awards ceremony, which will be attended by the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando, the former Deputy Interior Minister Matteo Mauri, now in charge of immigration PD and the Chief Corporate Affairs of the Ferrovie dello Stato Massimo Bruno Group, will be held on Thursday 16 December in the prestigious location of the Monumental Complex of the Piceni in Piazza San Salvatore in Lauro in Rome.

Caterina Celestino

A recognition that pays the Maison the merit, after a long family history in the textile sector of artistic value, for having innovated a centuries-old production tradition to the point of treading the catwalks of national and international haute couture.
Always witness to the rigorous interaction between economic development, technological innovation and environmental protection, Celestino has been designated as a reality that was born and consolidated over the years in the respectful balance between identity matrix, rigorous use of natural fibers in the creation of its fabrics , innovation in the stylistic reworking of the designs created in the weft and in the always targeted push towards the new fashion trends of today.

Maison Celestino

To crown a year that marks the moment of reboot towards energetic economic growth on a global level, Maison Celestino announces the inauguration of the new Roman showroom for Saturday 18 December in the new location in via della Vite, in the beating heart of the trident of capitoline city.
The spokesperson Caterina Celestino does not hide vibrant emotion, who, in thanking for the authoritative recognition received, also announced that on the occasion of the new opening in Rome, “Eugène” will be presented, a delicate fragrance for the environment that “bears the name of my grandfather from whom everything began and whose visionary work we feel we continue with pride and great enthusiasm “.

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