04.10.2021 – The worldwide blackout

Yesterday – 4.10.2021 – Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp hit by worldwide outage. The blackout affected millions people all around the world in different moments of the day; in Usa it happened during the morning, in Europe in the evening and in the other part of the world during the night.

Facebook said. “We’re sorry, we’ve been working hard to restore access to our apps and services and are happy to report they are coming back online now.”

It was the largest outage of these social networks we’ve ever seen and it changed, for a day, people habits.

It was the first time, after years, that people were denied to share things on socials. And maybe it was the first time to discover if we do things for us or only to show to other ones.

We were “forced” to call people or text them, like 10 years ago. How did you feel yesterday while you were calling or you were receiving a call?

And how did you feel without sharing your day online? I understood that I was so connected to other people’s lives that I was forgetting to live my own.

Let think about it and maybe you can understand that detoxify from social constant checking of social media it’s pretty damn cool and no longer fills every second of your free time.

It’s important to learn to appreciate privacy, to think that our life is full of little secrets and treasures that only those closest to us can discover, even if the “secret” is simply what we ate for dinner.

We should not miss the opportunity to maintain relationships online or work online but avoid that automatic process that often leads us to stay online on apps, even without a motivation

It was coming back the time when we use to ring to someone to say that we were thinking about him/her…and it was so much beautiful!

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